Certificate check

Verify training certificates 24/7 with the certificate validation provided

Certificate check

Step 1: Open iLearn24® account

With certificate validation on iLearn24®, you can check all training certificates issued by wingsacademy GmbH & Co. KG or AVIATICS Cost & Safety Management GmbH & Co. KG have been issued.

For data security reasons, an iLearn24® user account is required to validate the certificate.  If you do not have an iLearn24® account, you can create your personal access here!



Step 2: Open certificate validation

After logging in, you can access the certificate validation via the corresponding image on the iLearn24® homepage. Clicking on the image opens explanations on the certificate check and the link to the input mask for certificate validation.

Please have the training certificate to be checked ready for validation, as the information provided there, such as the iLearn24® ID, is required for validation.

Step 3: Perform validation

After you have filled in the input mask with all the required data of the training certificate, you will immediately receive the result of the validation by clicking on "Check now". When entering the data, make sure that the spelling is correct!

If a final positive check is not possible immediately, please contact us separately. In this case, you will receive the corresponding check result directly from us.