Air cargo security

High legal hurdles erected by LuftSiV, EASA and LBA

The secure transport of air cargo and air mail is far more than merely a logistical challenge. Terrorist threats raise additional legal requirements, too. Several regulations define the training required by personnel who regularly handle air cargo: Regulation (EU) No 2015/1998, Aviation Security Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 and the strict requirements imposed by the German LBA.

wingsacademy – Excellence through experience

15 years of industry experience has made wingsacademy one of the aviation industry's leading training partners. We have a good grasp of the regulatory requirements and are trailblazers in setting new quality standards for web-based training (WBT).
However, what is the mark of a good WBT?

It should be realistic, accessible and interactive to keep the learners' interest and ensure that the material is properly applied in practice. But it must also be concise and up-to-date. This includes regular factual and technical updates (e.g., to the LBA's module system no. 3). And, last but not least, the training courses should be tailored to your company's special needs and offered at a competitive price point.

Our air cargo security training package – Cutting-edge and legally compliant

Our air cargo security training programme covers all relevant target groups, e.g. persons with access to identifiable air cargo or identifiable air mail ( and persons implementing security controls for air carrier mail, materials and in-flight supplies (pursuant to chapter

An excerpt from the syllabus illustrates the relevance of these courses, which cover current security requirements.

  • National and international legal requirements
  • Security-related areas and measures (e.g. suspicious persons and articles, reporting procedures)
  • Guidelines for the carriage of cargo and mail (e.g. known consignor, supply chain security)
  • Prohibited articles and weapons

Our training courses on air cargo security also include general security awareness (pursuant to chapter 11.2.7). The focus is similar to and, but it explicitly includes terrorist threats.

Alternative: classroom training

All of the stated courses are available as WBT and classroom seminars, allowing you to implement blended learning programmes at any time. If you choose classroom training, we can train your employees right at your company. Courses can also be conducted at our training centres in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne.


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