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New challenges posed by the German LBA's module system

The implementation of the German LBA's module system in late 2013 has changed the aviation training landscape. Old licensing procedures and curriculum guides were revised and replaced. The third version of the module system is the most recent one, having gone into effect in early 2016. It supersedes version 2, which had been passed by the LBA only a few weeks earlier. The update was necessitated by the replacement of Commission Regulation (EU) No 185/2010 with Regulation (EU) 2015/1998.

While the frequent changes pose a challenge for the entire industry, all aviation security training courses have to be brought in line with the new requirements and re-approved by the LBA.

Comprehensive range of training courses for flight and cabin crews

wingsacademy's crew training services will satisfy all your needs and cover all key training fields and stakeholders (captain, flight officer, purser, cabin attendants etc.). The courses range from standard topics in aviation safety (dangerous goods handling, cold weather operations, fire safety etc.) and occupational safety to soft skills such as "crew resource management" (CRM). Our courses are based on the legal requirements at a national, European and international level. For example, we provide training on EASA Part 66, Part 145, Air OPS and the current ICAO and IATA standards, i.e. in compliance with IOSA. All wingsacademy courses combine effective teaching with reliable, easy-to-understand instructions.

Our training courses will also stand up to regulatory scrutiny. We keep all training courses up-to-date and revise them as legal requirements change. This service is provided at no additional charge to customers.

Aviation security and DGR training courses

Our aviation security training courses pursuant to chapters and use a hands-on format to cover the material. They focus on procedures for sealing aircraft and conducting security searches.
Employees conducting these inspections pursuant to chapter are required to receive practical instruction on-site. This instruction must be provided after the theoretical training, but before the final exam. Our specialists will be happy to assist you if you lack the necessary resources on-site.

Our DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulations) courses according to ICAO/IATA also have high real-life relevance. They let participants practise transporting dangerous goods in aviation with accessible, interactive exercises (e.g. role-playing). The training courses are offered for various target groups, including CATs 10 and 11, i.e. flight crews and load planners.

Soft skills training courses: an important contribution to accident prevention

The human factors and CRM courses address non-technical aspects that are gaining importance in modern aviation. While the human factors course was designed for technical personnel in maintenance organisations, the crew resource management course targets flight and cabin crews.
It focuses optimising interactions between cabin and cockpit crew members. The course's objective is to make flight operations safer and more secure and minimise human error.

Classroom seminar or web-based training: the choice is yours

All wingsacademy training courses are available as a classroom training course or cost-effective web-based training (WBT). If you choose an online course, you will save on costs for absences, lodging, out-of-pocket expenses et cetera. To keep this cost pool small for our classroom seminars, we can hold them in-house at your premises, even on weekends and holidays. If you wish, you can also use one of our training centres.

Initial training and refresher courses in one package

For some subjects (e.g. CRM), we offer refresher courses in addition to the initial training. They are available as WBTs or classroom courses. Both training forms can also be combined into a blended learning programme.


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