Dangerous goods

The challenge: dangerous goods transports

Consignors have to contend with special requirements when transporting dangerous goods by air (e.g. paints, batteries, infectious substances). And for good reason: a single mistake can cause devastating injuries and property damage. Not to mention steep fines for violators.

wingsacademy – The perfect training partner for dangerous goods management (CAT 1 – 12)

wingsacademy understands the requirements imposed by the LBA and other regulators like no other provider. After all, we have been designing training courses for the aviation industry for over 15 years. Our courses – whether classroom seminars or web-based training (WBT) – not only meet all legal requirements (ICAO-T.I, IATA DGR, LBA certification), but can be adapted to your company's individual requirements.

Our dangerous goods programme is especially broad-based. It covers the entire transport chain along with all the personnel categories (CAT 1 – 12). The training courses can be provided in English or German. We can even provide a WBT for CAT 8 that is licensed by Germany's LBA for your company. Like all our training courses, wingsacademy dangerous goods courses are updated regularly to reflect the latest industry practices and legal requirements (e.g. IATA DGR updates). That means you get maximum legal certainty at no extra charge.

Do you need special training?

Some dangerous goods are so critical that separate courses are needed to learn proper handling techniques. They include lithium batteries (for CAT 1 and 2) and infectious substances (Division 6.2 or UN 3373 for CAT 1). wingsacademy can provide these special training courses for you.

Classroom training courses for road, rail, sea and inland waterway transports

wingsacademy has a tradition of specialising in aviation. We don't completely ignore other modes of transport, though. On the contrary, we know the importance of multimodal dangerous goods management and so also cover road, rail and sea transport. We address the special challenges posed in these segments with a series of high-quality classroom training courses.


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