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Operational compliance management – Tool for battling corruption

Operational compliance management is more than just an effective tool in the fight against corruption. It also helps avoid many mistakes caused by ignorance, particularly in data protection and data backup. These highly sensitive areas are everyone's business.

The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 highlights the sensitive nature of this issue and lays down new standards. wingsacademy implemented a systematic compliance training programme to effectively minimise risks at the company before the regulation even went into effect.

Web-based training from wingsacademy: effective, hands-on, legally compliant

Data protection plays a key role in many of wingsacademy's aviation training courses – from flight operations to office work to off-airport premises. Core topics include:

  • Data protection laws
  • Data classification
  • Handling personal data
  • Data access and deletion

Students learn about these subjects through case studies and real-life situations. Our training motivates them to explore the topic further. A high-end visual implementation and stimulating interactions drive acceptance of web-based training (WBT). This creates the perfect conditions for effective learning at low cost.

Regular updates and full consideration of all relevant rules and regulations (German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG); General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No 2016/679) help maximise regulatory compliance at your company.

Training alternative: classroom training

Would you prefer to have your staff trained by an instructor at your site? You can, with wingsacademy. All our courses can be taught online or in the classroom. Our instructors have first-class training, technical expertise and many years of teaching and lecturing experience.

Other training courses: from aviation legislation to intercultural fluency

Our courses cover other important subjects in addition to data protection. Aviation regulation tops the list, though. Our web-based aviation legislation training course gives you a first-class overview of the full range of legal regulations. You embark on a fictitious flight and accompany the two protagonists, Alex and Eric, into the world of engineering and maintenance. In the process, you learn about institutions, regulations (e.g. Part M, Part 145, Part 66) and the processes and people behind continuing airworthiness. The course is designed to be highly interesting and interactive.

Human resources topics are also covered by wingsacademy's portfolio. For example, participants can explore the general equal treatment law and its practical implications for employees and managers in separate courses.

Intercultural skills are becoming increasingly important in today's global marketplace. The WBT on managing cultural differences shows how cultural differences can be bridged in order to create an inclusive corporate culture.


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