Technical training

Tailored to the training needs of maintenance service providers

Our technical training courses are tailored to the needs of maintenance service providers. Here, employees have a particularly high need for professional education and training as they must be familiar with all safety and security issues relating to aircraft design and maintenance. Important legal requirements include the various annexes to EASA Implementing Rule "Continuing Airworthiness", e.g. Part M, Part 145 and Part 66. They are supplemented by the provisions of ICAO/IATA.

Legal certainty with WBTs and classroom training courses

Maintenance is a highly regulated sector. This makes it even more important to have a training partner who knows all the regulations and updates its courses accordingly. You are in the best of hands at wingsacademy. Our technical training courses comply fully with EASA and IOSA. Our instructors and authors have long-standing industry experience and well-established contacts with the regulatory authorities. We learn about potential changes in advance and can quickly integrate them into our courses for maximum legal certainty.

The same applies to wingsacademy's seminars and web-based training (WBT) for the simple reason that we offer many courses in both formats. The choice is yours: cost-effective WBTs or classroom training courses on-site or at one of wingsacademy's training centres.

If necessary, the course materials can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements (e.g. adaptation to special target groups or to your corporate design).

Aviation legislation – Stay on top of regulation

Be honest: do you really know all the details and specifications surrounding "continuing airworthiness"? Our web-based aviation legislation training course provides a first-class overview of the full range of regulations. You embark on a fictitious flight and accompany the two protagonists, Alex and Eric, into the world of engineering and maintenance. You learn about institutions, rules and even the processes and people behind continuing airworthiness. The course is designed to be highly interesting and interactive.

Technology at work: from EWIS to fuel tank safety

The technology-heavy subjects you normally associate with technical training are presented in an interactive, accessible manner. With these dry subjects, the challenge is to provide interactive and hands-on teaching.
Example: EWIS (electrical wiring interconnection system). The students accompany two mechanics on their inspection and repairs of electric cabling on the aircraft. They are actively involved in the activities and become part of the action themselves. This kind of real-life relevance maximises learning outcomes. We have designed the WBT on fuel tank safety to have a similar real-life focus. The course features target group-specific graphics and animations. Combined with iLearn24, our learning management system, you will never again miss a deadline – which is a feature offered by all of our training courses.

Human factors – Do you know your own potential?

You must address human factors when exploring the irrational side of human behaviour. Every mistake can have dramatic consequences, especially in maintenance, so employees should be very aware of their own limitations. Our human factors training course explores the ins and outs of this borderline area. Get up close and personal on what the human factor means for your day-to-day work, starting from your body's reactions to techniques for dealing with high-stress situations. The course features a series of video sequences and self-tests. Numerous tips and checklists help ensure long-term retention of the course material.


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