At the heart of iLearn24 – the intelligent time limit administration system

At the heart of iLearn24 is the intelligent administration system for time limits and learning levels, with availability either on demand or through defined reports. In either case, you have a legally watertight document that is valid as proof if required in connection with audits or following special incidents.

The actual deadline monitoring can be controlled via various parameters, such as recorded curricula, courses, target groups or individuals. It is indeed “intelligent”, as it ensures that notifications are sent out automatically to learners and/or superiors. This can be the case when training courses have been successfully completed or if a certificate is due to expire in the near future and a follow-up course has to be completed.

Sophisticated supplementary functions for minimum administrative effort

The basis for notification management is the continuous monitoring of all user activities. It enables functions that are particularly smart, such as the differentiation between initial and continuation training or the management of iterative courses. The support by the system even goes so far as to take account of special features of a course.

The following is an example from the field of dangerous goods training under IATA-DGR rules (Dangerous Goods Regulations). If a learner fails the concluding test of their DGR course, they are automatically re-enrolled on the course in accordance with the regulations of the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). If a second attempt to pass the test with the required point or percentage score also fails, the learner is booked by iLearn24 for attendance in a classroom seminar. License Control or the appropriate office within the company will naturally be informed directly by the LMS. If and when the initial training has been completed in the form of the classroom training, the learning management system will take care promptly and automatically of the transfer to the continuation course and inform the learner of their forthcoming recertification. iLearn24 means that you can forget all the administrative work that would otherwise have been necessary. The LMS performs the complete task – including the time limit administration and the issue of a legally watertight certificate.

Certification made easy

Also in matters of certification, the wingsacademy learning platform is unbeatable. In the case of successful completion of training, the certificate can be sent to the learner as an attachment to an email or to an electronic file. The certificates are provided with forgery-proof features, and their authenticity can be validated online at any time by means of a test ID.

iLearn24 naturally issues different certificates for classroom, initial and continuation training courses. The templates for them can be conveniently administered within the LMS and even provided with lock features and such like - in line with your requirements and above all in strict conformity with official regulations.

Administration of WBT courses and classroom seminars with integrated course history

But as if that was not already enough, iLearn24 is not just specialised in the administration of WBT programmes. Classroom seminars, virtual classrooms (e-teaching and e-coaching), self-study phases and much more besides can be managed flexibly and completely automatically by the system. Moreover, a course history is created for all users, which may play an important role in audits.



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