Four versions for different needs and budgets

Four versions for different needs and budgets

Four versions for different needs and budgets

iLearn24 is available for rent in four different versions. These differ particularly in the range of functions:

  • iLearn24 Basic: Practical entry-level solution for small enterprises who nevertheless want quality.
  • iLearn24 Advanced: Perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises who have various divisions and sites and want to cover a large range of topics.
  • iLearn24 Professional: All-in-one solution for all training needs, whether online training, face-to-face seminars or blended learning – booking tool included.
  • iLearn24 Ultimate: Ultimate solution for the field of administration and controlling that meets every wish.

All LMS versions are available in German and English as standard and can be supplemented by further languages.

The supplementary LMS modules: Author software, Library and more

Also aside from the four versions, you have the possibility to adjust the learning management system to your individual needs. Simply book further individual functions to add to your current iLearn24 version and get even more out of the LMS.
Library, for example, allows unrestricted access to important data files and information. “create”, the author software enables you to adapt existing WBT courses or produce completely new online courses. And apropos WBT: With iLearn2, you can administer courses not only from wingsacademy but also from other providers, as long as they are compatible with the SCORM standard.

A learning platform for € 990 per year!

To make it especially easy for you to join the world of iLearn24, we can offer you the Basic version at a fantastic price. For less than three euros per day, you can use the complete learning management for up to 500 employees. That corresponds to no more than the price of one milk coffee or the postage for four standard letters! And the best thing is that in addition to maintenance, back-up, hosting and updates, this price also includes support.

So what are you waiting for? Call us and arrange your personal consultancy appointment right now!

The technical side of iLearn24

The learning platform from wingsacademy is available online to all users – whether learners, administrators, controllers or trainers. The same also applies to the integrated modules. All that you need in order to use the LMS is a computer with Internet connection and a browser.
It can even be used on smartphones and tablets, and is especially easy with the iLearn24 app on iPads. Incidentally: The iLearn24 app also allows you to work through the online courses offline and then synchronise your learning level with the learning management system later on. This iLearn24 feature is particularly popular with cockpit and cabin crews.
It means that both groups can learn, for example, using EFBs (Electronic Flightbooks) or Crew Tablets in the course of their long-haul flights or during layover. Highly efficient and time and cost-saving.

First steps with iLearn24 and create – Our training offer

iLearn24 is equipped with an extremely simple and intuitive user interface. Nevertheless, the many different functions – especially in Administration – call out to be optimally used. Targeted training by our experts will soon make you fit in working with the system. And in the process, we will provide you with tried-and-tested best practice solutions for your everyday use.

For personnel who work with the integrated author tool “create” or another author software (Articulate, Adobe Captivate or such like), we offer additional instruction. Here, you can learn how to create WBTs yourself and put the many options to creative use for interactive training purposes.


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