LBA approves shortening of DGR online training


The Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA), the German Federal Aviation Office, has today issued approval to AVIATICS for its DGR online training course using the innovative wingsacademy training concept. Use of this new form of web-based Dangerous Goods training can shorten the learning time for the refresher course in IATA DGR to only 45 minutes.

wingsacademy is now the first provider of online training courses to be also allowed to use its tried-and-tested pre-post method in LBA-approved DGR training programmes. “With the constantly growing volume of training required in the aviation sector, the approval of innovative training concepts of this kind is an important step towards enabling aviation personnel to remain fully trained, but to do so in an efficient manner,” says Managing Director Peter Arnold, welcoming the approval for the DGR training by the LBA.


Pre-post method brings efficiency to IATA DGR training

In the case of the pre-post method, the training is prefaced by an introductory chapter on all the relevant changes in the latest version of the IATA DGR. This is then followed by a series of tasks or exercises on each theme block. If – as ought to be expected in a refresher course – a task or exercise is dealt with correctly, it is immediately followed by another on the next theme complex. Only if the first attempt produces an incorrect response is the subject matter concerned dealt with in depth.

The result is that the web-based training in the Dangerous Goods Regulations not only takes account of the knowledge status of the individual course participants in staff categories 10 or 11, but also meets the demanding requirements of the LBA.

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