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The right e-learning solution for every need

Not all e-learning courses are the same, just as not all running shoes are the same. Bad comparison? Not at all! Think about it: Your need should determine whether you choose a traditional web-based training (WBT), a micro-learning unit or a webinar. Just like you choose your running shoes. But whatever you choose, it should be reasonably priced.

In these circumstances, it is good to have an e-learning partner who not only knows the whole universe of online training but has mastered it. After all, only someone who has mastered the portfolio can also offer web-based training that meets your needs at a reasonable price.

Discover our universe of traditional web-based training solutions


Standard courses

Our ready-2-start e-learning courses quickly fill training gaps while saving time and money.

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E-learning production

A web-based training course – whether traditionally authored or generated from a PowerPoint® – will teach your team to handle internal issues more efficiently.

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Come together in the aviation community and jointly transform classroom courses into e-learning modules at a lower cost.

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Best-practice aviation training

We will be happy to explain how our courses can help you succeed and benefit from established best-practice solutions for aviation as quickly as possible. All it takes is an email or phone call.

To the point: the benefits of web-based training solutions


Not every topic lends itself to online training. However, e-learning should be carefully considered for at least five reasons:

  • Flexible: Learn at any time or place.
  • Individualised: Self-determined pace and workload.
  • Homogeneous: Instruction does not vary with instructors.
  • Efficient: Eliminates much of the organisational work.
  • Inexpensive: Usually eliminates all travel time and expense.

Our tip: Combine the best of the in-person and online worlds with blended learning!

Course catalogue

Look through our broad portfolio of aviation courses – from “Health and safety in flight operations” to “Snow and ice control at the airport”.

And you will always receive an officially recognised certificate, regardless of whether you took the course online or in a classroom.

Relevant content for web-based training


Classroom training

Meet wingsacademy: in-person aviation training by experts for experts. We are the only provider to offer in-person training for our entire portfolio of e-learning courses.

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iLearn24® app

With our apps for the LMS iLearn24® - Next Generation, learners have mobile access to their personal learning account and learn flexibly at any time.

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Learning management system

iLearn24 – Next Generation: the key to great training management

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