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Standard content in e-learning – a good idea with the right provider


Some topics are not special enough to require a custom-developed web-based training (WBT) course. On the contrary, compliance subjects in particular are highly regulated and thus change very little from one company to the next. Perfect for standardisation. So why invest time and money in producing an e-learning course of your own? Especially when the market is packed with providers of standard courses.

That’s right. Standard content is often provided since many firms have to train their personnel on standard topics. Ideally at low cost – making online e-learning the perfect choice. And that is where the problem often lies: Standard courses are clicked through, are neither interactive nor educational and – huge risk! – feature outdated content.

Just three good reasons to use our standard content in e-learning


Full regulatory compliance in teaching

Our standard courses are authored by subject-matter experts and regularly updated at no charge to you. Available in German and English with a guarantee and certificate!

Strong communicators

The subject-matter experts can answer questions that the employees you need trained may ask from within the WBT.

Excellent implementation

Our online courses show that standard content can be interactive, multimedia and highly educational despite a small budget.

Interactive and legally compliant – standard courses for your online training programmes

We can get your online training courses started quickly or expand your current e-learning programme with more than 70 interactive standard courses – all fully dubbed in German and English. Enjoy total regulatory compliance with a timeliness guarantee and certificates issued to employees who pass the courses.

Occupational safety instructions according to DGUV 2
Human Factors
  • Crew Resource Management for flying personnel (under development)
  • Human Factors Training for BVD as Initial Training
  • Human Factors Training for BVD as continuation training
  • Technical Training: Human Factors Initial Training
  • Technical Training: Human Factors Continuation Training
Aviation Legislation
  • TG 1: Air Law for Personnel in Maintenance Organisations
  • TG II: Air law for personnel in CAMO
  • TG I & II: Combined training air law for maintenance and CAMO
  • TG III: Air Law for Managers
  • TG IV: Air Law for Administrators
Safety management system (SMS)
  • Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Safety Management System (SMS) at airports
  • Safety Management System (SMS) for aeronautical engineering companies
More trainings
  • General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) for Managers
  • General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) for Employees
  • PRM - Persons with Reduced Mobility

Check out our interactive online courses on standard topics and see for yourself how affordable standard content can be!

Standard courses in e-learning – also tailored to your needs


Need more than just the standard content? Do you want to change content in the web-based training course or supplement your e-learning class? That’s not an option with most standard content providers. Those who do offer customisation of standard courses demand a hefty fee or dump the customisation work on your shoulders. What they call “flexible” means more work for you.

In contrast, we bundle any necessary changes to standard content with our service. Naming points of contact or showing your sites, for example. All free of charge. We’ll also adapt the corporate identity of the e-learning course to your CI guidelines. That’s how standard becomes custom.

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