Our recipe for success: hands-on teaching

Our customers can trust us to improve safety and quality in the working world.

While many of our course participants work in aviation, a growing number come to us from other industries. They all need different types of operational safety training. wingsacademy courses meets this need in a format that offers legal certainty, good value, educational rigor and full coverage of the latest practices.

We specifically design our training courses, products and systems for and with you. That gives you a direct say in the design of our e-learning systems or online courses.

Our training courses are always tailored to your target groups and core content. This saves time and improves student acceptance of courses. Hands-on teaching makes it easier to transfer new knowledge to the workplace.

Our experienced instructors cover material in an engaging, dynamic manner. Course participants are actively involved wherever possible. They learn through cognitive, physical and emotional channels.

Our web-based training meet all national and, if appropriate, international legal requirements. Our certificates of completion will thus stand up to an audit or regulatory scrutiny.

We offer tried-and-tested courses that meet international standards on a host of topics related to compliance and occupational safety. This can get you off on a running start. However, we also tailor the content and formal design of our courses to our customers' specific needs. We can also design courses exclusively to customer specifications.

Our training courses regularly undergo an expert review and change process and are updated immediately upon acceptance and approval. You can rest assured that your training courses will always incorporate the latest regulations and industry practices.

The iLearn24® learning management system provides excellent support for companies who have to train a large number of employees. It makes it easier to organise and manage their training requirements.

Impressive Performance:
  • Effective learning with direct real-life relevance
  • Flexible learning methods: online and classroom
  • Reliable deadline management with the powerful "iLearn24®" learning management system


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