Ground Training

Ground operations – Caught between IATA DGR and EASA

Ground handling is crucial for smooth flight operations. After all, the ground unit coordinates the entire process of handling aircraft, baggage and passengers. This area is becoming increasingly regulated with tighter safety and security requirements. Commission Regulation (EU) No. 139/2014, which lays down a common European standard for the planning, operation and maintenance of safe aerodromes, is only one example. Another one is the stringent requirements of IATA regarding the transport of dangerous goods (Dangerous Goods Regulations, DGR).

Different functions – Individual training courses

The law requires regular training courses for all ground staff.

No wonder: well-trained personnel ensure safe processes and prevent property damage that could easily cost hundreds of thousands of euros.

There are different operational areas: from load control, ramp and cargo handling to aircraft de-icing and passenger check-in. Our training clients are equally diverse, ranging from handling and ramp agents, loadmasters and airport staff for snow and ice control to employees authorised to enter and access security restricted areas and/or air cargo/air mail.

Web-based training from wingsacademy: LBA-certified, current, hands-on

wingsacademy's comprehensive range of courses includes all the training courses that ground staff are required to complete. The course materials meet the best current practice standard required by law. We have developed web-based training (WBT) for many recurrent courses that have been certified by EASA and the LBA, such as WBTs for check-in staff.
All of wingsacademy's WBTs are designed to be engaging, needs-based and hands-on. Their strengths include not only their technical quality, but also numerous, interactive animations and interesting exercises and quizzes. An intelligent rental model keeps the course content up to date – at no additional cost to our customers.

Our classroom training courses: innovative and legally compliant

Are you looking for classroom seminars on ground training? wingsacademy offers courses on all aspects of ground training. We attach utmost importance to the educational quality of the course materials and the qualifications of our instructors. At wingsacademy, you will not find conventional "chalk and talk" teaching. Instead, our courses thrive on direct interactions and spirited discussions between instructors and course participants. They focus on key issues from the workplace and current legislative changes. Our instructors are experts on regulations and proven practitioners with many years of professional experience. Our classroom training courses meet all legal requirements at a national and international level.

We usually hold the seminars at our customers' facilities. However, they can also be completed at one of our training centres in Berlin, Düsseldorf or Cologne.


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