Audit-proof, legally compliant training for the aviation industry

wingsacademy – Guaranteeing fully audit-proof aviation training


What we do

We steer aviation companies safely through their audits

Aviation companies constantly undergo audits. Some are announced; others are not. Regulators such as the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) watch aviation firms closely, paying particular attention to EASA-compliant training.

We will work with you to ensure no audits of your training program yield any findings in terms of training content, proof of completion or training certificates.

How we do it

Legally compliant training and reliable, effective learning management

The two main pillars of our service guarantee that wingsacademy’s customers sail through training audits with flying colours: legally compliant training and aviation-appropriate learning management.

Your employees can learn material developed to meet current EASA or LBA standards whenever it suits them in their preferred format: classroom or online. You can sit back and relax: The training process is automatically controlled and compliance with all audit requirements is reliably tracked.

Legally compliant training
  • Training in the classroom and online as a webinar or e-learning course.
  • More than 90 “ready-2-start” online training courses from health and safety to snow and ice control.
  • Content that meets legal standards such as EASA specifications with an update guarantee.
  • Access to in-house aviation experts right in the online training course.
  • LBA-compliant certificate at the push of a button or for digital files.
Aviation-appropriate learning management
  • One LMS for every training format and deadline, including assessment, read&sign, background check etc.
  • Audit-relevant documentation from first-aider cover to health screening log.
  • Free updates to align content with regulatory training process requirements.
  • 24/7 certificate validation with direct access by the German Federal Aviation Authority.
  • Standard API interface to all HR, IT and ID systems in the aviation industry.

Why we can do it

Unique synergy of training, IT and aviation expertise

It’s like an orchestra: You get the best sound when multiple professionals play together on a variety of perfectly tuned instruments in an optimally designed concert hall under the direction of an experienced conductor. And that’s exactly how wingsacademy works!

We pool all the expertise needed for optimal aviation training at one wingsacademy. Enjoy direct access and a single point of entry for you!

What our customers appreciate the most

Direct communication, well-designed solutions and a one-stop shop approach

If you ask our customers what they most appreciate about wingsacademy, they will talk about more than the certainty of total regulatory compliance and constant audit readiness. They will emphasize the importance of having an aviation expert at their side who takes them by the hand and guides them. Who takes long-term best training practices to the next level in a fluid regulatory environment. And that takes a load off your shoulders – today, tomorrow and the day after.

Make an appointment

Our portfolio with all training topics at a glance

We will be happy to explain how well-designed aviation training solutions can help you. All it takes is an e-mail or phone call.