WBT based on PowerPoint®

From Static Slides to Interactive Online Training

WBT Production: Turning PowerPoint® into E-Learning Content


You don’t always have the time or budget to design a web-based training course to rigorous e-learning standards. However, that does not mean you should cancel the entire project. While many web-based training courses are produced the traditional way – sometimes even with financial support from crowdfunding projects – there are other options, too.

One particularly efficient, low-cost method for developing an online training course is based on a standard set of slides like those used in Microsoft® PowerPoint®. This is a fast way to create simple e-learning courses. And with the right know-how, you can even produce genuinely good, interactive online training courses.

Generating Online Courses from PowerPoint® – How it Works Best


Creating web-based training (WBT) courses from your current PowerPoint® slides – sound easy? Well, it is! However, basic things are often overlooked right at the start. That leads to repeated mistakes, resulting in delays and, in many cases, frustration.

The good news: We will perfectly prepare you to start producing WBTs from your PowerPoint® files. We will help you select authoring software, train your internal authors and support you well beyond the simple conversion of files. At the end of this process, you can immediately get started independently developing low-cost interactive online training modules for the fast lane. Free tips are already available today!

Checklist: Efficient WBT production based on PowerPoint®

Our nine tips for efficiently producing a web-based training course with PowerPoint® will prevent frustration and ensure your success!

We will Inject Interaction into your WBT from PowerPoint® Slides


Does your online training course require more than simply converting a set of PowerPoint® slides? Do you want more interaction, more exercises, more video? No problem! We can make it happen.

We differentiate between three levels of interactivity when producing web-based training (WBT) courses based on PowerPoint®. Starting at the simplest level, we will prevent your trainees from simply clicking their way through the course and will set up the navigation accordingly. At the higher levels, we will integrate multimedia exercises, develop entire interactive templates for you and adapt the online course to your corporate identity. Curious? Then contact us today!

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