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Everyone desires reduced personal liability, a pristine license, and a flawless record in their next training audit. Fortunately, achieving these goals is entirely within reach. With Wings Academy by your side, you can efficiently accomplish all of this without breaking a sweat.

Our distinctive blend of training, aviation, and IT expertise sets us apart in the market. Coupled with our update guarantee, applicable to all our training solutions, it ensures the following right from the outset:

  • Direct and straightforward communication.
  • A solution that adheres to all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Training flexibility, offering both classroom courses and e-learning options.

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More than a million participants have already taken part in one of our web-based trainings (WBT) or one of our in-person sessions. And the number grows every day!

Streamlined aviation training that maximizes savings in time, money, and energy

We would be delighted to showcase the effectiveness of our meticulously crafted aviation training solutions through numerous real-world examples. This will empower you to pinpoint actionable starting points for yourself and take proactive steps

E-learning content by wingsacademy – standardised or customised


Standardised Courses

Standardised Courses

Our "ready-2-start" E-Learning courses promptly fill training gaps, saving both time and money.

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E-Learning Production

E-Learning Production

with Web-based Training, whether traditionally produced or generated from PowerPoint®, you enhance internal processes for more efficiency.

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Come together in the aviation community and collectively transform classroom training into cost-effective e-learning solutions.

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Experience our iLearn24® – Next Generation learning management system live

Bid farewell to training management via spreadsheets, folders, or scattered systems. Embrace iLearn24® as your centralized solution for all your training requirements, from A to Z. It not only saves time, but also conserves energy!

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Certificate Check

Through the certificate validation feature on iLearn24®, you can easily verify the authenticity of training certificates issued by Wings Academy and AVIATICS.