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The knowledge and breadth of topics that you need

These days, every big organisation needs sustainable system-based compliance management. Internal processes that require monitoring include the provision of all necessary employee training. That provides preventive information and education.

The real challenge lies in following all the rules – whether they are external laws or internal policies. That is a sprawling mandate that demands effective awareness training, efficient system solutions and a partner who combines deep expertise with online know-how.


Compliance Training – Efficient Solutions for Compliance Management


Online Awareness Training to Get You Started

Online Awareness Training to Get You Started

Choose your compliance training course from over 70 “ready-2-start” online classes. From equal treatment to health, safety and anti-corruption to data protection and cyber security.

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Turn Internal Compliance Information into Interactive E-Learning

Turn Internal Compliance Information into Interactive E-Learning

We can instantly transform your custom content into an interactive micro-learning module. It’s simple, inexpensive and based on your PowerPoint® slides.

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Training Management for Painless Compliance Management

Training Management for Painless Compliance Management

Just one system for onboarding, refresher training, certificates, driving licence tracking, deadline management, read-and-sign and much more!

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Best-Practice E-Learning Content

Not sure whether e-learning is right for you? Have questions about web-based training?

Take advantage of our expertise gained in over 15 years of e-learning experience and from over 120 WBT productions and contact us today! We have the answers to your questions.

Compliance Training: Awareness Training as a Standard Course


Take off flying with a standard module or customise it easily

Externally driven compliance issues are highly regulated and change very little from one company to the next. That makes them perfect for off-the-shelf compliance training courses. They include:

  • German General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG): Separate online training for line employees and managers
  • Data protection: Always GDPR-compliant thanks to the update guarantee
  • Cyber security: Awareness training for all employees

Need more customisation? We can simply modify our standard offering for you in areas such as anti-corruption training. This minimises your outlay and boosts acceptance, too.

Our Training Portfolio at a glance

Look at our training portfolio today and find the perfect class for your compliance training needs. Whether online or in the classroom. Just the way you want it – and a certificate for every completed course!

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