The various Versions of iLearn24®

The wingsacademy Learning Management System

One Learning Management System, Four Versions, Hundreds of Functions


iLearn24® – Next Generation is available in four versions, all ready to use and optimally configured for you based on our years of experience. Select one of the proven versions of our learning management system and get started right away.

Do you have other needs? If so, simply configure your individual learning management system around one of our versions and add individual functions or entire modules as needed.

You can choose between the four iLearn24® Basic, Advanced, Professional and Ultimate LMS versions.

iLearn24® Basic

Effective entry-level solution for small companies with a manageable training volume looking for the convenience of a professional learning management system.

iLearn24® Advanced

Perfect LMS solution for small and medium-sized companies that handle a wide variety of training topics at one or more locations and want to stay current even with frequent staff changes.

iLearn24® Professional

The LMS solution for companies embracing blended learning and want to train their staff extensively, both internally and externally, online and in person, and organise their efforts efficiently across sites and departments.

iLearn24® Ultimate

The ultimate learning management solution offering all the LMS administration and monitoring tools required for efficient and effective training management, both today and tomorrow.

iLearn24® – Wide Array of Functions even in the most basic LMS Version


Even the Basic version of the iLearn24® learning management system (LMS) comes with all central management functions. Every one of them is designed to reduce manual effort and save time and work-hours with smart automatic features.

Access to additional functions or supplemental modules in the Advanced, Professional or Ultimate versions makes iLearn24®  even more useful and time-saving for your organisation. Depending on which version you choose, the general options will be supplemented with add-ons specifically intended for students, administrators and individuals with control permissions regarding learning progress.

Central Management Functions in the iLearn24® Learning Management System


Target group management – Basis for automatic procedures

Intelligent target group management allows training assignments to be automatically adapted to new circumstances in the background and essentially overnight. A real timesaver!

Course management – Supports all training content

iLearn24® supports all common learning formats: from conventional on-ground or online courses all the way to links to webinar rooms and read&sign documents. Even self-study tasks!

Report generator – Track statuses and certificates

A wide range of filtering, sorting and grouping functions make it possible to generate all kinds of reports instantly and regularly send them to you or easily export them as spreadsheets or charts.

Notification service – Reminders and escalation

Emails automatically sent by the LMS introduce new courses or remind users about deadlines or changed schedules. Also supports escalation to people or other systems if skills/licenses are lost, for example.

Integrated support – Quick, personal, effective

Technical support may not be a feature, but it certainly inspires confidence – which you deserve! That is why technical support comes with all our products, even the simplest version, and can be used to produce online courses.

Partner in a great community

You aren’t just subscribing to an LMS. You are joining a great community. That means you can actively request new LMS features and profit from participating in crowdfunding campaigns for e-learning productions, for example.

The Four Versions of iLearn24® – Next Generation at a Glance

Our selection of additional functions or supplemental modules in the Basic (B), Advanced (A), Professional (P) or Ultimate (U) versions.

Features (selection)BAPU
Included active LMS accounts250 5007501000
Customisable mobile design
Extensive learner cockpit
Deadline management including escalation
Support for online learning formats
Support for classic read&sign
Support for dynamic read&sign 
Integrated virtual classroom 
Support for blended learning
Event management 
Advanced administration of training courses 
Certificate management including validation
Extension for external certificates 
Catalogue and booking management 
Centralised training assignment
Local training assignment  
Training and authorisation matrix 
Advanced monitoring  
Administration of target group management 
Administration of roles and rights management  
Additional module: duty holders 
Additional module: alarm plan 
Additional module: background check
Expansion: administration of background check requests 
Updates, maintenance, backup
Hosting as SaaS in Germany


Comes with the version Can be booked in the version


Experience our iLearn24® – Next Generation Learning Management System live

Say farewell to training management based on spreadsheets, folders or distributed systems. Clean up and use iLearn24® as a central hub for all your training issues from A to Z. It saves time – and energy!

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From Learning Management to Solution Management

Find out what our LMS iLearn24® – Next Generation offers starting in the basic version and how we master complex training processes to keep your training management efficient over the long term.

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iLearn24® App – Your pocket-sized Access for the LMS

Our App for the iLearn24® – Next Generation give learners the freedom to access their personal learning account on their mobile devices and study wherever, whenever – both online and offline!

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