maintenance staff training pursuant to AMC 20-22

Electrical wiring interconnection system – EWIS online training


Our EWIS online training on the electrical wiring interconnection system is a highly flexible, efficient way to train your maintenance employees pursuant to AMC 20-22.

Its flexibility stems from being available in various versions that all cover AMS 20-22. The course thus only covers relevant content – and is highly focused in both the initial and continuation courses of our EWIS online training programme. A legally compliant certificate documents the successful completion of the course.

What makes our EWIS training special:
  • Content reviewed in line with syllabus (AMS 20-22) and teaching based strictly on AMC 20-22.
  • EWIS training perfectly tailored to every target group defined in AMC 20-22.
  • Interactively designed training with numerous exercises and video sequences.
Additional benefits of online training:
  • Immediate access to online EWIS training in two languages.
  • The complete training course is brought to audio by native speakers of English and German.
  • Greater flexibility with self-determined online training schedules and organisation into easy-to-learn modules.
More about online training
  • Number of chapters: 1 to 4 (depending on the target group)
  • Time taken: Initial training 50 to 200 minutes, continuation training 50 to 150 minutes (depending on the target group)
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes, only native speakers
  • Media formats: images, graphics, drawings, audio (MP3), video (MP4)
  • Technical details: mobile internet access (PC, laptop, tablet), all standard browsers, HTML5, Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required
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Choose the perfect EWIS training for you


Train your flight crews or staff working on in-service aircraft in one of these initial or continuation training courses online pursuant to AMC 20-22:

  • TG 1: Qualified staff performing EWIS maintenance and repair (e. g. Cat. B2).
  • TG 2-3: Qualified staff, performing controlling of EWIS maintenance and repair (e. g. auditors) and electrical or avionic engineering on in-service aeroplanes.
  • TG 4: Qualified staff performing general maintenance or inspections not involving wire maintenance.
  • TG 5: Qualified staff performing other engineering or planning work on in-service aeroplanes.
  • TG 6-8: Other service staff with duties in proximity to EWIS, flight deck crew, cabin crew.

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