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Crowdfunding in E-Learning – We make WBT Production Cheap


Does this sound familiar? Your training budget is carefully calculated and well thought out. But then, one day: budget cuts! Funding is slashed, projects are postponed or eliminated. Still, the training was urgently needed, and you had deliberately chosen to produce a web-based training (WBT) course.

Don’t lose hope! There is a way to get your web-based training made – by crowdfunding WBT production with the support of a strong industry community. Crowdfunding dramatically lowers the cost of custom WBT production. That’s good news at any time, not just when budgets are cut.


Just Three of the many Benefits of Crowdfunding with Us


Predictably Inexpensive

Your investment is locked in before even agreeing to the project – with up to 70% savings as a fixed price!

Simply Transparent

We walk you through the project and ensure clear communication and clean documentation.

Unbelievably Fair

You would only have to pay your portion of the initiated project. No upfront deposit, no extra fees.

How to Crowdfund WBT Development


Developing a crowdfunded WBT with us is child’s play: simply select your topic from placed production requests and register as a participant. The minimum number of participants and the budget for the crowdfunded WBT will obviously be locked in at that point. Once the full crowdfunding team has been assembled, you will receive the official quote from us. The WBT project will start as soon as we have received all the purchase orders.

This is the point when we take over, call virtual project meetings and send you progress reports about the production of your WBT. Once the web-based training course is finished, every participating company receives their own SCORM-compliant e-learning course.

Crowdfunding – design web-based training courses together for less

Cut the cost of custom WBT production and explore your crowdfunding options with us today.

Crowdfunding – Place your E-Learning Production Today


The list of topics placed for producing web-based training courses grows with every new submission. As soon as the requirements for the crowdfunding project have been clarified with the submitters, we publish the details here on our website.

We are currently accepting new crowdfunding topics – for this year and the next one. That gives you the opportunity to place your training topic well in advance and work with us to find partners to co-finance your web-based training course.

Do you have a topic for a WBT? If so, let’s talk about it today!


FAQ: How does Crowdfunding the Production of a Web-Based Training Course Work?


What training topics can be crowdfunded?

Training topics always lend themselves to crowdfunding if there are other companies that want to train their employees on that very topic. That means any topic, no matter how specific it may seem, may be interesting to a larger group. Once a web-based training course has been developed, it is very easy to customise it by modifying the content at key points.

Crowdfunding is a particularly attractive option when it would be cost-prohibitive for one organisation to develop a particular web-based training course on its own. That means crowdfunding can finally bring virtual or augmented reality-based e-learning courses, for example, within the reach of any company.

Aren’t custom training courses and crowdfunding mutually exclusive?

Not in e-learning. Unlike in-person training, it is very easy to modify portions of e-learning modules.

In fact, it is our experience that courses tend to share at least 50 per cent of their content with other courses, even when topics are highly company-specific. The company-specific portion generally covers different interpretations within the organisation or specific processes and instructions.

In a crowdfunding model, instead of three companies each producing 100 per cent of the WBT content themselves, they would only have to jointly produce 100 per cent of the base course and then modify 50 per cent of that base course twice. Pooling their resources would thus reduce the production volume by one third for each company. And that slashes everyone’s costs.

How can I place a topic for crowdfunded WBT production?

It’s easy to do and can be done at any time. Simply send us a short e-mail in which you mention crowdfunding.

We will respond as soon as we can and work with you to determine your specific needs and all relevant issues for the crowdfunded WBT project.

How can I join a crowdfunding project for producing e-learning courses?

All pending crowdfunding projects for producing WBTs are published on our website as soon as all the details have been finalised. You can also see how many participants have signed up for the project and whether you can still join.

If a project has already started, you can only join if all the project participants agree to it. So feel free to contact us if you are interested in a project. We will liaise with the partners participating in the crowdfunding project and let you know their decision.

Is there a minimum number of participants for crowdfunding the production of e-learning classes?

There normally is. Remember, the purpose of crowdfunding e-learning course production is to reduce each participating partner’s costs.

Crowdfunding is often the preferred option to keep costs below a certain level. To do that, you need a minimum number of participating partners to develop a specific web-based training course.

How much will I save by crowdfunding the production of a WBT?

Your savings from participating in a crowdfunded WBT production project hinges on the number of participating partners. Your costs will not fall linearly with the number of participants, but they will fall more and more. All told, you can save up to 70 per cent over a standalone purchase order.

Savings can also depend on the planned online training topic. Generally speaking, the more universal the training topic, the greater the possible savings from crowdfunding WBT production.

What does it cost to produce a crowdfunded web-based training course?

It would be irresponsible of us to give a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. We recommend you be very wary of providers who suggest they can do just that, whether for conventional WBT development based on a standalone order or through a crowdfunding project.

One thing is true, though: Crowdfunding can reduce your cost of producing a web-based training course by up to 70 per cent.

When do I pay my share towards producing a crowdfunded e-learning course?

Each project participant’s contribution toward the crowdfunding project is announced in advance and calculated at the agreed milestones in the course of the project.

Please note: Projects do not officially launch until we have received all the orders from the partners participating in the crowdfunding project. No payment or deposit is required beforehand – unlike with standard crowdfunding models!

Can the resulting web-based training course be imported to our company’s LMS?

It generally can. We produce the crowdfunded web-based training course – like all the other WBTs developed at our company – with a standardised authoring tool. It generates an e-learning course that conforms to SCORM standards and thus can be imported into all learning management systems (LMSs) that support SCORM.

If your organisation does not have an LMS, we can provide access to our iLearn24® - Next Generation LMS separately.

Who owns the final web-based training programme after the project is over?

The crowdfunded and jointly developed online training course is provided to every company participating in the project as a separate SCORM package once the course has been reviewed and accepted.

The provision of this version of the web-based training course transfers ownership of the SCORM package and its content to the recipient.

How will I get any updates that the online training course may need after the project is over?

Any content updates that the crowdfunded e-learning course may require in the future can be made at any time with the commercially available authoring tool used in the project. We can also maintain the content for you as a separate service.

If the crowdfunded WBT project is for a topic known to change frequently, the original crowdfunding project can be set up to include regular updates to the online training course.

Who will answer my specific questions about WBT crowdfunding?

Our experts for web-based training development and production would be happy to answer any questions you have about crowdfunding e-learning courses.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We’re here to help!

WBT Production with wingsacademy


When you bring us in to produce your web-based training courses, you are harnessing excellence developed through experience and quality forged through passion. We can make even the dullest topics sparkle in more than 90 web-based training courses on standard topics as well as numerous custom WBTs made to our customers’ specifications. We can make content vibrant and interactive and help you achieve the kind of lasting and quantifiable learning outcomes that will even impress auditors.

Our experience of 15-plus years guarantees you will get the best guidance on the right WBT solution for your needs and budget. We can handle the full range of web-based training formats – from PowerPoint® WBTs to virtual reality training.

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