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Cyber security – online awareness training on IT security


Cyberattacks are no longer a problem just for large corporations or highly sensitive infrastructure, such as that found in aviation. Ransomware, Trojans and phishing emails threaten IT security at all companies and the entire public sector, regardless of type or size. The consequences are immense.

Next to technical measures, the single most effective thing you can do to fight off cyberattacks is to raise employee awareness. Our IT security training will help you accomplish that goal because the initial online training is followed by alternating micro-trainings.

What makes our IT security training special:
  • Raises awareness about cyber security (including connections to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1583).
  • Content readily retained thanks to significant practical relevance and numerous exercises on the current threat picture.
  • Content is tailored to target groups by seasoned IT security experts.
Additional benefits of online training:
  • Instant course availability – online in the learning management system or the iLearn24® app.
  • Systematically controlled training process consisting of initial and alternating refresher training sessions.
  • Adapt the pace and course load to your personal plans.
More about online training
  • Number of chapters:
  • Time taken: 60 minutes (initial training), 5-10-minute microtraining sessions
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes, native speakers
  • Media formats: images, graphics, drawings, audio (MP3), video (MP4)
  • Technical details: mobile internet access (PC, laptop, tablet), all standard browsers, HTML5, Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required
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What our IT security course covers


Our initial IT security training course focuses on the following cyber security topics:

  • Important global and local precautions
  • Correct IT security terminology
  • Fundamental password rules
  • Different types of data encryption and their advantages
  • Proper mobile device use

The refresher microtraining sessions add new momentum to IT security issues every three months. They are rolled out on a rotating basis.

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