Course Catalogue


Course Catalogue for our Online and face-to-face Training

Our training portfolio with an overview of all training topics

Health and Safety

All employees have to receive health and safety training annually. The law also requires that health and safety training be geared to the concrete hazards of the workplace. Some subjects are compulsory for all employees.

Our short online training courses will make your health and safety training hands-on, efficient and fully compliant with the current DGUV.

Details on these health and safety courses here.

Health and Safety in Flight Operations

Employees in the cabin and cockpit are exposed to a vast array of hazards. In addition to the usual health and safety concerns, flight operations employees also face hazards while travelling to the workplace from stand-by, riding on crew buses or laying over in hotels. That is why DGUV and BG Verkehr explicitly require more extensive health and safety training than the traditional course!

Our online course on health and safety in flight operations addresses all hazards that cabin and cockpit crew members face – compressed into one training course.

Click here to learn more about health and safety training for aviation operations.

Technical Health and Safety

Employees in technical organisations, such as those involved in plant and mechanical engineering or the maintenance and repair of aircraft, face unique hazards. That fact should be reflected in their health and safety training.

Our portfolio of online health and safety training courses helps you provide practical, legally compliant and efficient health and safety training in accordance with the DGUV. From I for industrial trucks (forklift trucks) to H for hazardous materials or A for aerial work platforms, there is an online course for every topic.

Details on these health and safety courses here.

Aviation Legislation

Based on EASA Part 145.A.35(d) and the corresponding AMCs and GMs, the online training Aviation Legislation conveys all learning contents along a fictitious framework story with high practical relevance.

In it, two protagonists, a member of the Certifying Staff and an aircraft mechanic, experience a number of things. In this way, your employees can also experience the topic of aviation law and learn the contents of the training online in a practical way.

All details on the Aviation Legislation training courses here.


Fire Safety

Legally compliant fire safety training consists of a didactic and a practical portion. Digital solutions can make both portions much easier for you, from organising the classes to issuing the certificates.

Our online fire safety training meets all the legal requirements for didactic instruction. Practical, efficient and legally compliant. Choose from standard fire prevention training and special courses for flight operations and MROs.

For details on our fire safety training courses, click here.

Dangerous Goods Regulations

Our Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) training covers all categories of activity of the current IATA DGR. As part of our competency-based training and assessment (CBTA), you will also receive the required skills assurance from us in a verifiable, legally compliant manner.

In-person dangerous goods training is provided either at your premises, in our own classrooms or in the virtual webinar room. We also offer classic web-based training (WBT) as well as an efficient combination including skills assurance.

Details about our dangerous goods training portfolio are available here.

Data Protection – GDPR (EU)

Data protection is a hot topic, and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) poured even more fuel onto it. To avoid liability risks and unlimited fines, data protection training should be part of your compulsory programme, at least starting with the implementation of the EU GDPR. Our online courses will teach your staff about data protection in no time at all. Meets all EU GDPR criteria and comes with a personal certificate for your digital file.

Details about our data protection training courses here.


Our EWIS online training on the electrical wiring interconnection system is a highly flexible, efficient way to train your maintenance employees pursuant to AMC 20-22.

Its flexibility stems from being available in various versions that all cover AMS 20-22. The course thus only covers relevant content – and is highly focused in both the initial and continuation courses of our EWIS online training programme. A legally compliant certificate documents the successful completion of the course.

Details about our EWIS portfolio here.

Fuel Tank Safety

Our Fuel Tank Safety training is designed as initial or continuation training for aviation companies. It is mandatory for all persons who carry out work on and in connection with fuel tanks.

The successful completion of the Fuel Tank Safety Training in accordance with official requirements (EASA, FAA) is documented by our legally binding certificate.

All details on the Fuel Tank Safety training courses here.



Human Factors

Your employees will vividly experience the effect of the human factor on their jobs in our initial or continuation training on human factors. The training is perfectly tailored to three target groups: flight crews, ground handling services and as technical training for staff working on in-service aircraft.

Strictly based on EASA requirements, with a legally compliant certificate for both the initial and the continuation training.

All the details on human factors training courses here.

Hygiene and Infection Control

Hygiene training ranks high in health and safety. And for good reason: Disregarding simple hygiene and infection control rules can directly harm others. And not just in food handling.

Our online course on hygiene and infection control will educate your ground and board crews efficiently and comprehensively while ensuring total regulatory compliance. The annual training required by the German Protection against Infection Act could hardly be simpler or more tailored to a target group.

For details on the hygiene and infection control course, click here.

IT and Cyber Security

From phishing emails to social engineering. From CEO fraud to password security. Our awareness training on information security effectively covers all key aspects of IT security in a single course.

Using real-life examples, your employees will learn why they play such an important role in combating cybercrime. The IT security information for road warriors is highly beneficial for employees’ personal lives, too.

For details of our IT security training, click here.

Aviation Security

The full panoply of aviation security courses based on the German Federal Aviation Office’s (LBA) current module system – whether on-ground or online, as initial training or continuation classes.

For example, you can study for an airport identification card pursuant to Chapter 11.2.6 of the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/1998. Or your crews can study for Chapter – including in-person sessions.  Plus, we also offer retraining courses. That saves even more time!

Details about our aviation security training portfolio here.

Aviation Security - Cargo, Mail etc.

Two aviation security courses can prepare personnel to perform tasks such as security controls for cargo, mail and in-flight supplies. As in-person or online training based strictly on the German Federal Aviation Office’s (LBA) current module system.

Choose between initial or continuation training for Chapter or Chapter of the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2015/1998. Graduates receive a certificate that meets all LBA requirements.

Details about this aviation security training portfolio here.



Safety Management System - SMS

Safety management has a long tradition in industries such as aviation or healthcare. And rightly so! However, the best safety management system will fail if employees are not properly trained to prevailing standards such as those imposed by the EASA for aviation.

Our online SMS training fills this gap in safety management and makes your training efficient, hands-on and fully compliant with EASA and other standards. Certificate included!

For details of our SMS training, click here.