Continuation Training

Refresher Training for greater Acceptance and Time Savings

Efficient Continuation Training – for more than just Aviation


Innovative continuation training cuts costs and increases acceptance

Many educational programmes are required by law to include refresher training. Two examples: Dangerous Goods Regulations courses every 24 months as well as health and safety training every year. In most cases, students have to sit through the same e-learning material over and over again – sometimes over several years. The result: Acceptance and material retention decline!

Our innovative continuation training classes increase acceptance by specifically closing educational gaps and highlighting relevant issues. We also accelerate the learning process by up to 60 percent and save work hours and money online.

Just three of the many benefits of our Continuation Trainings


Improve Acceptance

Personalised refresher classes for everyone instead of one-size-fits-all training.

Learn Faster

It’s faster to close educational gaps than repeating the entire initial training.

Learn Better

Reinforce known content, refresh relevant content and teach unfamiliar content.

Our Refresher Training Solutions: Inspiring E-Learning Strategies


How we changed continuation training for aviation

The revision of our online IATA DGR 2018 training marked the start of innovative continuation training for aviation. Even then, we questioned the utility of putting experienced staff through refresher training courses that treated them like novices.

Instead, we wanted to build our online training courses on existing knowledge and focus on teaching changes and addressing knowledge shortfalls in continuation training. In the end, our pre-post approach won over the German Federal Aviation Office and Austro Control. And so we became the first provider of competence-based DGR continuation training.

Best practices in continuation training

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Continuation Training for Health, Safety and Technical Training


Focusing on changes and key issues

The official approval of our pre-post continuation trainings by the German Federal Aviation Office was only the beginning. Today, our online portfolio contains a variety of continuation trainings specifically designed to refresh knowledge. On topics such as health and safety as well as technical training.

In the refresher training course on aviation law and the online course on the IATA DGR, we use an initial e-learning module to highlight relevant changes, most of which are legal in nature. That way, every refresher training course not only presents new material, but also reinforces existing knowledge.

Course Catalogue

Take a look at our broad portfolio of standard e-learning courses for initial and continuation training. They include online classes on occupational safety, data protection or technical training.

Ready for immediate use, constantly updated and always offering an officially recognised certificate for digital files.

 Save even more Time and Money with these E-Learning Solutions


Learning Management System

Learn24® – Next Generation: The key to excellent and efficient training management with update guarantee and 24/7 access.

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A Web-Based Training Course – Produced based on a PowerPoint® – will teach your team to handle internal issues more efficiently.

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Come together in the aviation community and jointly transform classroom courses into e-learning modules at a lower cost.

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