Standard Trainings for your E-Learning Platform

Online Courses for easy integration into your Learning Platform


Rent, Integrate, Learn – That's how simple Online Training can be

If you are looking for online courses for your existing learning platform, then you've come to the right place! As a provider of over 70 legally secure and bilingual standard trainings, we offer them in perfectly tailored versions for specific target groups, ready to be integrated into your SCORM-compatible learning platform.

After selecting your desired topics from our E-Learning Portfolio, we provide you with the online courses on a rental basis. You simply integrate them into your learning platform, built, for example, on moodle®, and your online training can begin – always up-to-date in terms of content and technology.


Just three of the many advantages for us as your provider of Online Courses


Predictably Affordable

By renting our Online Courses, we can ensure that you always have a predictable budget for your Training.

Easy to Integrate

For your easy integration, we always provide our Customer E-Learning Courses in the SCORM standard.

Always Up-to-Date

Our Update Guarantee ensures you always have legally compliant and fully functional Online Training

Our Online Training in your Learning Platform – here's how it works!


Your simple Steps to using our Standard Trainings:

  • Select the desired online courses and contact us.
  • Conclude a pre-made provider rental agreement with us.
  • Receive SCORM packages of our online trainings.
  • Integrate online trainings into your learning platform.
  • Assign courses to employees according to your specifications.

All updates to the standard trainings are automatically applied by us, following appropriate announcements. You can now lean back and relax.

Launch Ahead with our Online Courses

Have you already selected from our E-Learning portfolio of Standard Trainings and are ready to get started? Or do you have any questions about deploying our Online Trainings on your Learning Platform?


Our alternative Solutions for your flexible Online Training


Solution No. 2: Online Trainings with our Learning Management System

Rent both our Learning Management System, iLearn24® – Next Generation, and our Standard Trainings. This way, you create a central hub for all your training and development needs. Scalable, comprehensive, and with free updates

Our solution consisting of LMS and WBT

Solution No. 3: Standard Courses from our Online Shop for on-demand learning

Select one or multiple Online Trainings you need, order them online, and provide license codes to your employees. They can redeem the license code on our platform, complete the training in German or English, and receive a legally compliant certificate.

wingsacademy's online shop

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