Fuel tank safety

technical training for your maintenance team

Fuel tank safety – initial and continuation training


Our fuel tank safety course is designed as initial or continuation training for staff working on in-service aircraft. It is compulsory for everyone who works on fuel tanks or does any work related to them.

Fuel tank safety training focuses on correct wiring, tank explosion risks and refuelling and defuelling hazards. It thoroughly presents regulations relating to fuel tank safety (SFAR 88, Airworthiness Directives, etc.).

Our certificate documents the successful completion of fuel tank safety training in a legally compliant manner.

What makes our fuel tank safety training special:
  • Content reviewed based on the specifications of your supervisory authorities (EASA, FAA).
  • Dynamic teaching using many real-life examples from maintenance ops.
  • Excellent learning retention thanks to expert instructors or authors (online course).
Additional benefits of online training:
  • Immediate access to training thanks to convenient online delivery.
  • Packaging required knowledge in interactive training modules.
  • Students can determine their own pace and course load in online training courses.
More about online training
  • Number of chapters: 4 (plus the final test in Level II)
  • Time taken: 70 minutes (plus time for the test in Level II)
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes, only native speakers
  • Media formats: images, graphics, drawings, audio (MP3), video (MP4)
  • Technical details: mobile internet access (PC, laptop, tablet), all standard browsers, HTML5, Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required
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Choose the perfect fuel tank safety training for you


Train your maintenance staff with one of these technical training courses:

  • Fuel tank safety: initial training Level I
  • Fuel tank safety: continuation training Level I
  • Fuel tank safety: initial training Level II
  • Fuel tank safety: continuation training Level II

All versions of the technical training course meet all the requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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