Safety Management System

Online Training Courses and System Solutions to EASA Standards

Safety Management System – Efficient Solutions that meet the SMS Requirements laid out by the EASA, ICAO, and others


SMS – from A for alert to Z for zero harm

Safety management systems (SMSs) are playing a growing role in aviation, due in large part to the EASA. That means training requirements are broader, too – and not just for employees.

But even outside of pure SMS training, such as in online training, a safety management system demands efficient solutions to safety alerts and other events.

We have translated these requirements into solutions. Solutions that serve you, support aviation and deliver an EASA-compliant SMS.


Safety Management System – Process and Training Solutions for your SMS


Online Training on Safety Management Systems

Online Training on Safety Management Systems

Three modular courses for three clearly defined target groups – the most focused way to deliver EASA-compliant SMS training for aviation. Certificate included.

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Turning your Safety Alerts into interactive E-Learning Modules

Turning your Safety Alerts into interactive E-Learning Modules

We can instantly transform your individualised safety alert into an interactive SMS micro-learning module. It’s simple, inexpensive and based on your PowerPoint® slides.

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All in One System: Training, Safety Alert & Certificate

All in One System: Training, Safety Alert & Certificate

You need an aviation-friendly system that can stand up to rigorous EASA scrutiny and provide effective process support for SMS training and deadline management.

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Digital Efficiency for your Safety Management System

Do you want to streamline your safety management system processes? Then see what our digital solutions can do for you! They go beyond training and aviation, too.

EASA, ICAO other Authorities mandate SMS Training


SMS training via online modules – as easy as pie

Training obligations are always a big consideration in launching and running a safety management system. That is partly due to external reasons. SMS training requirements change often – especially in aviation. Also, the EASA’s requirements for CAMOs mean that SMS training is also based on Part CAMO, Part 21, Part 145, etc.

Our EASA-compliant online class on safety management systems explains exactly what an SMS is and what roles, processes and programmes matter in this context. It’s bilingual, finishes with a certificate and comes in three versions!

Three Good Reasons to trust us with your SMS Online Training


Reliability Through Competence

We are not a publishing house. Our motto is: Ability – not just knowledge! All our trainers are subject matter experts with practical experience of their own. From aviation, for aviation. This ensures the competence in training that you require!

Update Guarantee Included

Enjoy 360 degree service with our update guarantee. All training courses always incorporate the latest content and legislation – and, when provided online, the latest technology. Our free updates ensure that your training always meets all legal requirements.

Big Picture Approach

Our training isn’t limited to SMSs. We cover every topic that matters in aviation: from health and safety to dangerous goods and human factors. Your training is thus always embedded in a broader context. That improves long-term content retention across related aviation topics.

We answer your Safety Management Questions

Not sure what your safety management system training programme needs to include to meet all EASA requirements? Don't know whether and how to provide SMS training online? Come to us for the answers!

FAA, ICAO, EASA – Aviation Regulations are Legion


SMS: Training with a big audit impact

More and more laws have been passed on safety management in aviation over the years. One such example is Commission Regulation (EC) No 139/2014, which redefined the conditions for the design and safe operation of aerodromes. Its requirements include the mandatory introduction of an SMS along with appropriate training.

The focus has recently shifted from airlines and airports to CAMOs. SMS training has been included in the AMCs and GMs on the basis of ICAO Annex 19 and the EASA Implementing Rules in Part CAMO, Part 21, Part 145 etc.

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