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iLearn24® – from Learning Management to Solution Management


Learning management systems (LMS) have to do more today than ever before. Gone are the days when all you needed was a training management system for in-person seminars. And the mere provision of e-learning courses for self-study only scratches the surface of what modern-day technology can do. Today, the mix of tools and methods in blended learning knows no bounds.

Virtual classrooms have become standard fare, while read&sign elements have joined assessments, on-the-job training and coaching as valuable building blocks in the increasingly complex task of employee training.

A System for Sustainable Learning Management


Our iLearn24® – Next Generation learning management system has been developed in order to:

  • Locally and centrally manage the complexity of today’s training processes with a view to future needs
  • Keep track of topics, courses, certificates and deadlines
  • Permanently enable efficient training management throughout the organisation

All these tasks can be handled by even the most basic version of iLearn24® – Next Generation.

Experience our iLearn24® – Next Generation Learning Management System live

Say farewell to training management based on spreadsheets, folders or distributed systems. Clean up and use iLearn24® as a central hub for all your training issues from A to Z. It saves time – and energy!

iLearn24® – The Key to a Great Training Management

A system is only ever great if it also offers greatness. And for that, first and foremost, it needs a sustainable foundation on which the true benefit can be achieved for all those involved in the company. For us and iLearn24® this means first and foremost: sustainable security and maximum flexibility.

Software as a service – Secure and SCORM-compliant

You subscribe to our SCORM-compliant learning management system using a software as a service (SaaS) model. This approach saves you time and energy and gives you access to a system that is always up-to-date.

LBA-compliant certificates – Securely generated and validated

iLearn24® is a pioneer in generating legally compliant certificates. The German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) has even made our approach – unique ID labelling with online validation – the required industry standard.

German-engineered security – Audit, EU GDPR and certificates

Security is one of our top priorities: We operate our LMS at a certified data centre in Germany, strictly follow the EU GDPR and have passed audits and IT security tests.

Multi-compatible – Interfaces in all directions

We capitalise on the strengths of various systems and combine best-of-breed technologies from different vendors. Our IT can handle any communications pathway, from standard interfaces (API) to special solutions.

Roles and rights management – A committee favourite

We made a deliberate choice to make permission management highly granular in our LMS. That allows highly precise object-oriented access control so that users can only do the things they are truly intended to do.

Certificates according to LBA specifications - securely generated and validated

iLearn24® is a pioneer when it comes to generating legally secure certificates. The German Federal Aviation Authority has even made our unique ID marking including online validation a required standard.

24/7 online and offline access – By PC, tablet and app

iLearn24® does more than just provide 24/7 online access to your LMS and training materials. Its apps instantly put online content at your fingertips so you can make the most of every free minute – even when offline.

Multiple languages – Even across tenants

We started in aviation, so it is no surprise that our system runs in multiple languages. The multi-tenant LMS runs in German and English by default, with other languages optionally available.

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One Learning Management System, Four Versions, Hundreds of Functions

Get to know the central management functions of our learning management system and discover how to configure your individual enterprise solution from one of the four ready-2-start versions of iLearn24®.

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iLearn24® App – Your pocket-sized Access for the LMS

Our App for the iLearn24® – Next Generation give learners the freedom to access their personal learning account on their mobile devices and study wherever, whenever – both online and offline!

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