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It’s your Subject – Let’s turn it into a truly exceptional E-Learning Course!


It’s your subject – maybe even your most important one. So let’s turn it into a truly exceptional e-learning course! One that perfectly suits you: your needs, your target group and your learning culture. Oh, and obviously one that suits your budget, too!

We’ll partner with you to find out exactly what you need: a micro learning module, a conventional web-based training course, a WBT developed from PowerPoint, an online tutorial or an augmented or virtual reality training class. Why are we so flexible? Because we can be! Plus, the only people who can develop custom learning content that ensures long-term acceptance and the learning outcomes that you want are those who have mastered all the facets of e-learning and training.

Just Three Good Reasons for Developing E-Learning Content with Us


Success through Variety

Conventional web-based training courses are not always the best option – and are certainly not the only one! We can help you bring variety to your e-learning programme.

Reliability through Competence

If you produce e-learning content, you should be more than an LMS and WBT provider. An author, for example, a trainer, IT developer, designer. Just like we are!

Lasting Value through Foresight

We keep a close eye on trends, technologies and content updates to your e-learning module so that your investment today will still pay off tomorrow.

E-Learning Content – Enthusiastic about Web-Based Training


The internet is packed with producers of web-based training courses. They all promise the perfect training experience. But what exactly does that mean? We believe it takes more than a teaching concept, a multimedia rendering of the custom content and professional project management. But what brings that extra bit of reliability when selecting the right service provider to develop your custom e-learning content?

How about recommending the ideal type of e-learning content or cheaper alternatives? How about looking far into the future about things such as subsequent update costs? Or how about simply being enthusiastic about training?

E-Learning Development with Us – A Passion for Training


Which, of course, you can trust:
  • Runnable: We produce e-learning according to SCORM standards. This guarantees accurate publishing.
  • Mobile: Our e-learning content can be flexibly edited regardless of the end device - even mobile.
  • Well thought-out: The methodical-didactic preparation ensures the desired learning success in the long term.
  • Multimedia: We address all learning channels in the training and promote learning success through audio-visual elements.
  • Multilingual: Our content optimally picks up the learners - also linguistically. This also increases acceptance.
What additional value we offer you:
  • Creative: Our trainings on right-heavy compliance topics prove it. We can even handle dry content!
  • Economical: We already think about future updates during production. This reduces possible follow-up costs.
  • Independent: We make you independent of us and produce for you with commercially available authoring software.
  • Fair: Contrary to some competitors, even outsiders receive a decent payment for their work with us.
  • Committed: We also find solutions for you apart from the actual project. Anything else would just be standard.

Are you in the mood for really good E-Learning Content?

Then let's produce your next web-based training together!

From Subject Area to Online Training - E-Learning Development in Practice


Professional e-learning content development always takes place in phases, starting with the kick-off of all participants and the conception of the online training. As a result, among other things, the learning objectives are set and the type of implementation is also chosen, i.e. whether we develop a micro learning or, for example, a classic web-based training for you and with you. Only when you are really happy with the taste of the concept do we start production. All competences are already on board: editing and translation, graphics and design, video and sound, 3D and IT. This is how your WBT is created, which we hand over to go live in the LMS after quality assurance and acceptance.

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