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Skillfully showcasing Employee Training – Online and in Person

Successful Employee Training in Person and through E-Learning


With Us, You'll find the perfect Training Method for every Occasion

The acceptance of Employee Training among staff is crucial for the success of a training initiative. The right choice of Training Method can be decisive, especially in mandatory training – particularly when it needs to be repeated regularly as Refresher Training.

With us, you'll be provided all types and occasions of Training. Even the Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt - LBA) agrees and is impressed by our Continuation Trainings for IATA-DGR or the corresponding E-Learning modules for competency assurance.


Just three good reasons to choose us as your Training Provider


We are not a Publisher

In our Company, our Motto is: Ability - not just knowledge! In-house Subject Matter Experts enrich our Online Training with their practical experience.

Implementation Oriented

Always Up-to-Date in terms of Content, Legal Requirements, and Technology. That's what we understand as Legally Secure and sustainable Online Training.

Update Guarantee

We demonstrate with our Online Trainings that Standard Content can be Interactive, Multimedia, and highly Educational even with a small budget.

Continuation Training: Refresher Training as it should be!


Closing Knowledge Gaps individually instead of an "one-size-fits-all" approach

Continuation Training extends across various topics, especially in Aviation. Following an initial mandatory training, there is regularly a refresher training. Usually in the same scope and with identical content, which is mostly familiar. Not with us!

Our Continuation Training is – wherever allowed by the Authorites – designed to identify and specifically close individual knowledge gaps. What started years ago as innovative E-Learning for IATA-DGR has now become a common thread running through our technical trainings and the annual occupational safety briefing.

Best Practice E-Learning

Are you uncertain about the best solution for integrating E-Learning into your company? Or are you simply looking for a provider who truly understands your needs and has comprehensive expertise in E-Learning?

Then you've come to the right place! With over 15 years of E-Learning experience and more than 120 content productions, we will be your first-choice provider. Want to bet?


Web-Based Training – more than just an alternative Training Method


Employee Training designed flexibly for individual Learning

Web-Based Trainings (WBT) have now established a firm place in employee qualification within companies. And rightly so, especially when it comes to fully leveraging the strengths of E-Learning in Employee Training.

That's exactly where we focus our attention. Whether in the production of your individual E-Learning or in the design of our numerous standard and mandatory trainings. Understandable, vivid, interactive, but also in compliance with DGUV, as barrier-free as possible, and technically flawless, as defined in the 33 criteria for Online Trainings.

From Practice for Practice: In-House or On-Site face-to-face Training


Trained Trainers and Experts in their Field

Thanks to the in-house expertise, at wingsacademy, we master all our training topics both as E-Learning and as on-site face-to-face training. So, if web-based training (WBT) is generally or in specific cases not suitable for your company, we still have a solution for you.

Our trainers come from practical backgrounds and can flexibly conduct training sessions online via webinar or in-person in your training rooms. Also available as hybrid events or in our training rooms.

Course Catalogue

Take a look right now at our broad portfolio of standard content – from “Health and safety in flight operations” to “Snow and ice control at the airport”.

Ready for immediate use, always up-to-date, and accompanied by a legally compliant certificate for your digital records.


Relevant Content in the context of your Training


Learning Management System

iLearn24® – Next Generation: The key to excellent and efficient training management with update guarantee and 24/7 access.

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Webinar Toolbox

You are a trainer with heart and soul? Then you should definitely know these tool tips from our E-Learning experts for an effective webinar.

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E-Learning Production

A Web-Based Training Course – Produced based on a PowerPoint® – will teach your team to handle internal issues more efficiently.

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