Dangerous Goods Training

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Dangerous Goods Training – In Person and Online as a Webinar or WBT


Flexible format with an update guarantee and a certificate

Dangerous goods transports are governed by highly complex and highly fluid requirements. Inadvertent breaches of regulations such as the IATA DGR may cause more than just serious property damage and bodily injuries. They are also punishable by fines, some quite severe.

The only real answer is regular dangerous goods training. Our online and in-person classes, whether taught as webinars, CBTAs or classic web-based trainings (WBT), enjoy full regulatory approval. We also handle ongoing updates to reflect changes to ICAO TI, IATA DGR or other regulations.

Our Solutions for your Dangerous Goods Training


Dangerous Goods Training Compliant to IATA-DGR

Dangerous Goods Training Compliant to IATA-DGR

Select the appropriate WBT on the IATA DGR from our catalogue and start your online dangerous goods training immediately.

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Adoption of Competency Based Training and Assessment

Adoption of Competency Based Training and Assessment

For the ICAO, CBTA promises to ensure more focused IATA DGR training. For employers, it initially means a number of changes.

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Training Management Made Easy

Training Management Made Easy

Manage your DGR Training in full compliance with the law – whether initial or refresher, online or classroom. All it takes is the right system!

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Standard Training or Specific Dangerous Goods Training?

Do you need special dangerous goods training on sensitive dangerous goods such as lithium batteries and infectious substances? Or do you have questions about our standard IATA DGR courses? Feel free to contact us! We have answers and the right solution for you.

Dangerous Goods Training pursuant to IATA DGR for All Occupational Activities


Bilingual initial and refresher training with a certificate

Our IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations training covers the entire transport chain and all categories of activity for your employees. These training courses are available either in a traditional classroom setting or online, if permitted by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) or Austro Control. 

Competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) can be used for both initial and refresher training for the IATA DGR. We can even provide an efficient online solution for skills assurance during the year. That way, you can develop your entire DGR training – from A for assessment to Z for zero harm – in full documented compliance with all legal requirements. In both English and German.

Just Three Good Reasons to Entrust your Dangerous Goods Training to Us


Reliability Through Competence

We are not a publishing house. Our motto is: Ability – not just knowledge! All our trainers are subject matter experts with practical experience of their own. From aviation, for aviation. This ensures the competence in training that you require!

Update Guarantee Included

Enjoy 360 degree service with our update guarantee. All training courses always incorporate the latest content and legislation – and, when provided online, the latest technology. Our free updates ensure that your training always meets all legal requirements.

Big Picture Approach

Our training isn’t limited to the IATA DGR. We cover every topic that matters in aviation: from health and safety to aviation security to SMSs. Your training is thus always embedded in a broader context. That improves long-term content retention across related aviation topics.

We Answer your Questions about CBTA and the IATA DGR

Do you have questions about switching your dangerous goods training courses on the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations to the new CBTA? That’s perfectly understandable; the process can be complicated. The good news is that we can help. So feel free to contact us!

Dangerous Goods Training for Transport Modes beyond Aviation


We can also do road, rail, sea and inland waterway transport

wingsacademy traditionally specialises in aviation. We don't completely ignore other modes of transport, though. On the contrary, we know the importance of multimodal dangerous goods management and so also cover road, rail and water transport.

That is why we also address the special challenges posed in these transport modes with a series of high-quality classroom training courses. We offer special dangerous goods training on the proper way to handle certain categories of sensitive dangerous goods (lithium batteries, infectious substances, etc.).


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