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Tailored development to fit your needs and budget

WBT Production: Tailored Solutions for your Online Training needs


Customized Online Training: From PowerPoint Mastery to Crowdfunding Excellence

The requirements for web-based training (WBT) vary widely and are highly individualized based on the topic, company, and budget. We believe that solutions for WBT production should be just as tailored – aligning with your needs, budget, and unique identity!"

May we introduce three of our many approaches to WBT production: from creating online training based on PowerPoint® to the traditional development of web-based training and even affordable financing for your e-learning through community-based crowdfunding.


Only Three Compelling Reasons to choose us as your E-Learning Provider


Flexible Solutions for Every Need

As an E-Learning provider with all relevant expertise under one roof, we create could the online training solution which aligns with your vision

Beyond Standard Content

We are content providers, passionate about e-learning! Offering both standard courses and personalized training, tailored to your needs and exclusively for you.

Thoughtful Platform Solutions

Whether using your learning platform or our learning management system, we ensure a sustainable system solution, enhanced by seamless interfaces.

Web-Based Training (WBT) Production Based on PowerPoint


Almost like Magic: E-learning transformed from PowerPoint Slides

Experience the transformation of PowerPoint® slides into interactive web-based training (WBT) with us. While other providers may simply convert your presentation slides, we go the extra mile to tailor them for you.

This turns traditional slide decks into modern, multimedia e-learning content complete with interactive exercises. Optionally, we can also provide partial or full voiceovers, using native speakers or text-to-speech software. All tailored to your preferences and aligned with your needs and budget!

Best Practice E-Learning

Are you uncertain about the best solution for integrating E-Learning into your company? Or are you simply looking for a provider who truly understands your needs and has comprehensive expertise in E-Learning?

Then you've come to the right place! With over 15 years of E-Learning experience and more than 120 content productions, we will be your first-choice provider. Want to bet?


Web-Based Training (WBT) Production Through Crowdfunding


Collaboratively Achieve Cost-Effective Online Training

Is your WBT topic valuable not only for your company but also for others? Join forces with like-minded individuals in a collective effort to fund your WBT production! Our crowdfunding initiative makes precisely that possible.

The investment for content development is predetermined for all participants before the production starts. Payment is made only if the project successfully proceeds. At the end of the WBT production, each participant in the crowdfunding project receives their individual web-based training delivered as a SCORM package.

Web-Based Training (WBT) Production for Customized Courses


Online Training: Customized and Tailored Just for You

Sometimes online training needs to be tailor-made. When the topic is too specific, the content is internal, or standard courses on the market don't quite fit, that's where we come in!

As specialists in e-learning and experts in the production of interactive online training, we ensure your topic launches successfully on your learning platform. With our in-house authors, necessary tools on board, and a wealth of creativity and multimedia expertise in our e-learning team.

Course Catalogue

Take a look right now at our broad portfolio of standard content – from “Health and safety in flight operations” to “Snow and ice control at the airport”.

Ready for immediate use, always up-to-date, and accompanied by a legally compliant certificate for your digital records.


Relevant Content in the E-learning Context


Standard Training Courses

Our 'ready-2-start' e-learning courses fill your training gaps and allow significant time and resource savings.

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Learning Management System

iLearn24® – Next Generation: The key to outstanding and efficient training management with guaranteed relevance and 24/7 access.

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iLearn24® App

With our LMS iLearn24® – Next Generation App, learners can access their Personal Learning Account on the go and study flexibly anytime.

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