Fire Safety Training

Annual Online Training as required by DGUV

Legally Compliant Online Classes for Fire Safety Training required by DGUV and the German Workplace Regulation


Both the DGUV and the German Workplace Regulation require annual workplace fire safety training for employees. The training covers different things depending on the job and company. This is an important thing to consider with regard to your compliance requirements and legal liability.

Our online courses on workplace fire safety take account of all the variety seen in fire safety training. They fully satisfy the current requirements set out in the DGUV and German Workplace Regulation and are available in German and English for self-study by your employees.

What makes our fire safety training different:
  • Raises awareness of fire prevention (DGUV, German Workplace Regulation, etc.)
  • Content is tailored to target groups by our own fire safety experts.
  • Content readily retained thanks in part to hands-on exercises such as fire extinguisher drills.
Additional benefits of online training:
  • Instant availability of the fire safety training course – online in the learning management system or in the app.
  • Standardised course format with substantively identical content for all employees in every target group.
  • Freely definable study load thanks to small German- and English-language modules.

Our Solutions for your Fire Safety Online Training


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Our Portfolio of Fire Safety Courses for your Employees


Fire Protection: General Fire Protection Instruction
  • Number of chapters: 1
  • Content includes: fires and how they start; flammable substances: liquids, gases, compressed gas containers and vapours; fire prevention, escape and rescue routes, fire protection measures, fire and smoke, the 5 fire classes and their extinguishing agents
  • Time taken: 20 minutes
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes
Fire Protection: Instruction for Personnel in Engineering and Logistics
  • Number of chapters: 1
  • Content includes: dangers from flying sparks, dust explosions and preventive measures, use of contractors, flammable materials, liquids and gases as well as workplace preparation, storage of flammable materials
  • Time taken: 15 minutes
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes
Fire Protection: Instruction for Flight Crews
  • Number of chapters: 1
  • Content includes: fire hazards on board an aircraft, onboard electrical systems, fire prevention measures, response to a fire outbreak, firefighting, halon fire extinguishers, medical care, cabin fire procedure, immediate measures according to CFP, smoke and fire report
  • Time taken: 15 minutes
  • Language: English, German
  • Audio: Yes

Closing the Gap in Fire Safety

Our Experts will support You

Web-based training (WBT) courses by wingsacademy efficiently train your employees on all fire safety topics.

You don’t know how to properly meet your legal training obligations? We can help!

Our in-person seminars (on fire protection, evacuation and first-aider training, fire extinguisher training if applicable, etc.) also keep your operations safe.

Fire Safety Training for MROs and Flight Operations


Our fire safety training is strictly geared to the target group of learners, not only to the legal requirements. That is why we offer these online training courses in addition to traditional fire safety training for all employees:

  • Fire safety for MROs
  • Fire safety in flight operations

All these training courses also meet DGUV requirements and come with our update guarantee.

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And whether online training or classroom training: you will always receive a legally compliant certificate.