iLearn24 – Perfect learning management. Perfect business.

iLearn24 – Perfect learning management. Perfect business.

iLearn24 is the high-performance learning management system (LMS) from wingsacademy.
You may perhaps be wondering whether, in an age of low-cost community platforms, the market has any need for yet another LMS? The answer is an unequivocal “Yes” because iLearn24 is a learning management system that is specifically tailored to the aviation industry and its needs and has a particularly sustained learning effect.

Core functions of the learning platform

For over ten years now, wingsacademy has been engaged in the development of high-grade training solutions for the aviation sector – in the shape of both face-to-face training and online courses. These courses naturally don’t just need to be administered. One particular focus was - and is - on ensuring compliance with the specified training processes (e.g. by the Federal Aviation Office) and on audit-proof time limit management. This was what gave rise to the idea of the iLearn24 learning management system. The specification profile was ambitious. The objectives for the LMS were that it should:

  • Be easy to operate by all users (learners, administrators, controllers);
  • Be able to administer all relevant courses (face-to-face seminars, web-based training courses) and materials (white papers, technical papers, etc.);
  • Enable legally verifiable documentation and monitoring of participants’ learning levels:
  • Offer sophisticated and dependable time limit management;
  • Include an intelligent read-and-sign function; and
  • Provide an offline client for learning on the move, i.e. without Internet access.

At the same time, the aim was to offer the learning management system on various levels at an attractive price. With iLearn24, we managed to achieve all these requirements.

Regular updates and technical further development included

But that is not all. In line with the truth that “When business changes, the learning platform must change, too!” we have designed the LMS to be particularly practical. The system is subjected to continuous further development and is given at least six updates per year - completely free of charge. As well as the greatest possible legal certainty, this also assures technological change and guarantees reliable budget planning on a long-term basis.

And speaking of further technical development: Do you know any other LMS whose users are involved in deciding on the scope of functions? Our customers have the possibility to submit their ideas and wishes straight to the development team. This option is frequently used and has already led to many innovative detail solutions. And it is also free of charge!

We know the aviation business and we know our customers

So are you still surprised that iLearn24 has meanwhile been used by over 1.5 million course participants and that over 50 percent of the top 20 airports in Germany place their trust in the training solutions from wingsacademy?

It is the combination of high-quality training courses, an innovative learning platform and many years of familiarity with the aviation sector that our customers find unique. Your company, too, will be thrilled by all aspects of iLearn24, the learning management system from wingsacademy! Contact us to learn more - with no obligation on your part - and compare us with other suppliers. You will be surprised!





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