LMS Update: Further Optimized User-Friendliness and Hybrid Training Dates

Our Learning Management System iLearn24® is soon to receive valuable free updates. This includes further progress in transitioning to the "Next Generation" design, as well as expanding the module and feature set. Additionally, customer feedback has been taken into account and integrated into the respective versions of our Learning Management System (LMS) iLearn24®. Here, we present the key changes that will be provided for free in the upcoming LMS update. Information regarding which changes are included in which version of the LMS can be found in our version overview for iLearn24® – Next Generation.

Hybrid Training: Combining Classroom and Webinar in a Single Session

Synchronous training is increasingly being offered as a hybrid event - conducted simultaneously in a physical classroom and through a webinar in the virtual space. With the summer update, managing these hybrid training sessions in the iLearn24® – Next Generation LMS will be even easier. Event details can now accommodate both on-site information such as address, training rooms, etc., as well as access details for digital platforms.

For administrators of the Learning Management System, this simplifies the creation and maintenance of training events in the LMS. Participants will receive all relevant information about their training in one central location within the LMS or in the email sent for the event date. Whether booked for in-person or online training, the process is made simple and transparent.

Online Courses: New View, Better Overview, and Enhanced Features

With the upcoming iLearn24® update, an additional administration area in the new "Next Generation" design will be introduced for the overview and management of online courses. The upload of online courses, documents or links, setting tasks for learners, downloading courses, and the assignment and updating of courses will now be even more user-friendly.

A special advantage of the update: The upcoming iLearn24® update promises not only aesthetic improvement but also increased efficiency in managing and processing online courses. Information specific to each course, previously located on deeper levels, is now brought to the forefront for greater transparency. This means fewer clicks and more information in a relevant location.

Notifications: User-Friendly and Clear

With the summer update, editing, creating, and monitoring automatically sent notifications can now be done directly through the new "Next Generation" design in the iLearn24® LMS. Other popular functions from the administration area of automatic notifications have been integrated into new views with more options. This includes the history of sent notifications, an outlook on future scheduled deliveries, and signature management. All of these are now more user-friendly and offer new functions, consistent with the beloved "Next Generation" design of iLearn24®.

An additional advantage of the update: The system-wide notification templates have been further improved. These templates provide a significant time-saving advantage when creating new notifications.

Even Small Features in the Free Update Bring Improved Usability

Password Confirmation for Password Changes: After the update, users will only be able to change their password in their personal user profile in iLearn24® if the current password is entered first. This security measure ensures that only the user themselves have access to the password change, preventing an unauthorized third party from setting a new password without knowledge of the current one. This provides a higher level of security in the use of the Learning Management System.

Test Evaluation: In the curriculum control of iLearn24® after the summer update in the modern "Next Generation" design, there will be the option to view a learner's interaction data. Here, all received question-answer data from all attempts will be listed with comprehensive information. The new "Show/Hide" and "Filter" features allow the list to be expanded and display all relevant content. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of information regarding question-answer interactions.

iLearn24®: Four Versions, Numerous Functions, and Always Free Updates

You now have an overview of the features and changes in iLearn24® that will be provided with the summer update. As we attach great importance to the continued development and improvement of iLearn24®, we are already working on future updates. This will include the ability to import learning data in the "Next Generation" design of the Learning Management System. The same goes for the reduced user administration, where selected fields can be edited by authorized individuals. More details about this and all other features, improvements, and developments will be provided in the next LMS News.

Would you like to learn more about the aviation Learning Management System iLearn24® – Next Generation and its capabilities? Or do you have questions about the new features from the LMS updates and their application in your context?

Feel free to contact us now! We're here to assist you!

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